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The Hamburg brand

Whether OTTO, Nivea, Montblanc or Tchibo, it is no longer possible to imagine a world without brands. A brand represents the good name of a product range that emerges when it over the long term conjures up favourable associations for many people. A brand therefore offers orientation.


The City as a brand

Hamburg is also a brand. This is discernible in the fact that people all over the world have specific favourable ideas about the metropolis – even if they have not been there on a visit. Thinking of Hamburg suggests the water, its openness to the world, its international character, and much more.


The Hamburg brand

Collective positive ideas distinguish brands. In the competition between metropolises it is essential to recognize and to steer these positive ideas so as to be able to systematically boost a brand’s attractiveness. Two brand surveys in 2004 and 2009 investigated which positive ideas people linked with Hamburg. Its results, the success model for the Hamburg brand, allowed approaches to be made to people on the basis of themes that they consciously or unconsciously associate positively with the metropolis. A joint visual typeface, communication template for the Hamburg brand, creates repeat recognition on sight.


The potential of the Hamburg brand

The Hamburg brand thus offers all players in the metropolis a unique opportunity of profiting from the brand. At the same time it offers them an opportunity to further boost it through action taken themselves.


Brand survey


Brand analysis

A representative survey of 3,840 people in Germany and abroad promoted the Hamburg brand.

Success modules

Ten success modules describe the core of the Hamburg brand – and with it the good things that people associate with Hamburg as a metropolis.

Stärkenanalyse der Metropolregion Hamburg

Hier finden Sie die Stärkenanalyse aus dem Jahr 2014 zum Download.


The communication template

A joint typeface boosts the Hamburg brand and its players. Have a look for the styleguide and some examples.

HMG’s brief

Objectives of Hamburg Marketing GmbH’s activities

Download design elements

Modules of the communication model



An overview of our projects and events is available here (currently just in German).

Download brand survey

Here you can download the brand survey 2009 (only in German).


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