"Breaking Point. Searching for Change": 7th Triennial of Photography Hamburg now opening

Hamburg, May 2018 (HHT) –

The 7th Triennial of Photography Hamburg, one of the world’s largest photography festivals, has opened its gates – and is more political than ever. Revolving around the core theme “Breaking Point. Searching for Change”, the 2018 programme is presented in cooperation with major museums, galleries and cultural institutions. With 120 events and exhibitions at 50 venues scheduled between June and September, Hamburg has become this summer’s hotspot for international photography.

Originally initiated by Hamburg photographer and collector F.C. Gundlach, the festival has taken place every three years since 1999, with the renowned House of Photography (Deichtorhallen) serving as the main venue. With its open steel-and-glass architecture, it provides the ideal setting for spectacular photo exhibitions. As part of the festival opening (7–17 June), there will be 40 mobile containers outside the Deichtorhallen to facilitate additional exhibitions, debates, workshops and parties.

With Krzysztof Candrowicz serving as artistic director, the 2018 programme includes more items than ever before, while the core theme aims to reflect today’s ecological, social, political and economic changes through the lens of photography. “This year’s festival has a stronger thematic focus. What are the most pressing global issues? What are the political, social and ecological changes we are experiencing? Wherever you go, people feel that things need to change. Ultimately, a lifestyle based on capitalism and consumption is not rewarding. This is what we are discussing by means of photography,” Candrowicz explains.

During the festival opening, visitors will also be able to experience the return of [2Boats] – the floating platforms by photographers Claudius Schulze (Hamburg) and Maciej Markowicz (Berlin). As part of the 2017 Übermut Project – and in preparation for the 2018 Triennial – the two artists travelled through European rivers and canals, while serving as ambassadors for Hamburg’s and Berlin’s thriving art scenes. Both have an artistic interest in how environment, urbanity and photography relate to each other.

Further information on the 2018 festival is available at www.phototriennale.de. To combine your Triennial visit with a Hamburg city break, visit www.hamburg-travel.com for exciting travel deals.  

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