Hamburg means life at the waterside: HAMBURG`S URBAN.SHORE in midsummer

Hamburg, 31 July 2018 – Northern Germany is currently experiencing an exceptional summer straight out of a picture book. This is despite the fact that Hamburg, in particular, has a completely different reputation in other regions: “It rains for one half of the year and the rest of the time the weather is just bad”, they say. This is why Hamburg’s residents are now enjoying the many hours of sunshine at their URBAN.SHORE even more – and they also benefit from a cool, fresh breeze. Three new films will accompany the inhabitants of Hamburg through the summer months, each of which features Hamburg’s typical attitude to life and makes outsiders want to visit the city. The series gets under way with “Life at the waterside” at This will be followed by videos on culture and events at the waterside – a combination that you can only experience here. 

This year’s temperatures have drawn all of Hamburg to the city’s shores. The River Elbe entices people out thanks to its refreshing breaths of wind and it offers both adventure and recreation, making the heat more tolerable. The sparkling waterfront is worth a closer look, as it shows how life next to the water makes Hamburg something special. After all, the view of our Elbe is ever-present! With a cool breeze on your skin, you can sense the sea on the horizon while the seagulls sing the praises of this city and its people. It just takes a few steps out of your front door, one foot forward then the next, following the warm sunshine and the scent of sea salt – and there you will find this wonderful Hamburg view.

But it is not only the soothing view that makes the residents love the waterfront so much. It is also the vitality that oozes from the Elbe and the unique contrast that shapes the city. Faced with the huge ships and the romantic harbour setting, life can’t help but feel good.  

Whether out for a gentle jog, a delicious coffee with friends or a lively stroll with the dog – the city’s shores are open to everyone and everything. The close proximity to the water is Hamburg’s unifying element, and the reason why people feel so secure and free, either as a family, with friends or alone. The feeling of maritime life at the waterside is a constant presence on the waves and currents of the city’s waterways and it can take the wind out of your sails at any time.

Three films will carry this feeling across the period from August to October and highlight the emotional aspect of life at the waterside. The first clip boasts a powerful narrative that covers the diversity of leisure possibilities along the River Elbe. From morning to evening.

These impressions of the Hamburg URBAN.SHORE can be found at In the upcoming three months, the same landing page will host content and videos on subjects related to culture and events at the waterside. Combinations that can only be experienced in Hamburg.

In addition, there is a wealth of attractive services and activities for active visitors who prefer to immerse themselves in everyday situations away from the well-travelled routes: from maritime accommodation deals starting at €116 for 2 nights, to harbour boat trips, maritime musicals and the arrival of cruise ships in the Port of Hamburg.


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