Hamburg to present the festival “Triennial of Photography” at Photoville in New York City

Hamburg to present the festival “Triennial of Photography” at Photoville in New York City

Photoville, the annual photography festival in Brooklyn, New York, will take place from September 18 to September 28, 2014. Photoville is a modular venue built from re-purposed shipping containers and features photography exhibitions, outdoor photo installations, talks, workshops, and nighttime multimedia projections. It provides a venue for photographers and audiences to connect through the power of visual storytelling. Immersion and interactivity are at the heart of the festival, making Photoville a hugely successful and popular event. The festival was launched three years ago and is now one of the leading US photography festivals and among the most attended photographic events nationwide.

As a partner of Photoville New York, the Triennial of Photography from Hamburg, Germany, will be present at Photoville in multiple ways:

An exhibition by Hamburg-based photographer Henrik Spohler will be on display in one of the containers. Henrik Spohler was born in 1965 and studied photography at the Folkwang School in Essen, Germany. He is now a freelance photographer and professor of photography at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) in Berlin. Henrik has published several photobooks and his works are on display in numerous museums and galleries. His most recent project, “The third day”, will be presented at this year’s Photoville.

This project examines food production in the age of industrialized agriculture and depicts meticulous fields in the United States, seemingly endless rows of greenhouses in Spain and plants under plastic foil in the Netherlands. With his clean and precise approach, his aesthetics correspond with the objects depicted. Henrik Spohler has received several awards for his works, and his photographs are archived in major private and public collections.

On September 18, the opening day, Photoville is inviting journalists on a guided tour through the container village. Starting at 4pm, the guided tour will also include a viewing of the exhibition in the German container, where Henrik Spohler, Krzysztof Candrowicz, the artistic director of the Triennial, and Henriette Väth-Hinz, the project manager, will be present and happy to engage in dialogue.

On the opening night, which starts at 7pm, the Triennial of Photography will be presenting a slideshow. The show begins at 10pm and will feature the highlights of the upcoming photo festival in Hamburg. The slideshow will include major works by artists such as Phillip Toledano, Filip Dujardin, Henrik Spohler as well Kathy Ryan, director of photography at The New York Times Magazine.

On the following night, Friday, September 19, the Triennial of Photography will be inviting festival guests to the Hamburg Party, beginning at 11pm. The renowned DJ Arash Baumhaus from Assoto Sounds, a regular at Hamburg’s legendary Mojo Club, will be presenting original sounds from Hamburg, the North German music hub. Being the first party to be hosted after the opening day, the Hamburg Party is sure to draw a crowd.

In return, Photoville New York will be one of the main partners during the Hamburg Triennial in June 2015. Photoville will bring international artists and experts to Hamburg and present photo shows in several containers in the festival center.

The 6th Triennial of Photography will take place from June 18 to June 28, 2015 in Hamburg, Germany. During the festival, Hamburg will be the meeting point for fans, academics, photographers and other professionals from the spheres of media and art. Over a period of ten days, the Triennial will combine unique ideas, enthusiasm and passion for photography by means of talks, movies, projections and encounters. On the occasion of the Triennial, all the major Hamburg museums and many cultural institutions will be presenting photo exhibitions. The Triennial will feature artists from all over the world who will bring their personal experiences and ideas to Hamburg and present the state of the art from the world of photography. “The day will come”, the motto of the 2015 Triennial, inspires participating artists to look into future.

The main hub of the Triennial 2015 will be a dedicated container village in the city center of Hamburg. The container village will provide information and serve as a venue for numerous events, which will include exhibitions from ten European photography schools, ten European photography festivals and Photoville New York, our main partner.

A plethora of exhibitions in museums, galleries and other cultural institutions, as well as workshops, talks and panel discussions, gallery tours and receptions make the Triennial of Photography the key event in Hamburg’s 2015 cultural calendar Hamburg.

Photoville venue:
Pier 5, Brooklyn Bridge Park
334 Furman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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