Collaboration Marketing

The coordination of marketing activities in dialogue with marketers, public authorities and other stakeholders involved in marketing the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is an integral part of the work performed by the HMG’s cross-sectoral marketing unit. The aim is to strengthen collaboration and to integrate all stakeholders involved based on an overall marketing strategy for Hamburg. The HMG’s team provides impetus to its partners, advises individual stakeholders or groups on their marketing projects and coordinates marketing strategies.

Measures include cooperation projects with other municipal partners or private businesses – e.g. in the field of business location marketing or cultural marketing – and are aimed at promoting and strengthening the location both in Germany and in international target markets.

Cooperation projects in the field of business location marketing

For Hamburg, business location marketing constitutes an integral part of promoting the locational advantages of Hamburg and the Hamburg Metropolitan Region both in Germany and abroad: the region offers a highly attractive, diverse business environment combined with high environmental standards and an excellent quality of life. Location marketing requires close cooperation with the region’s economic clusters and the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation. Here, the HMG focusses on promoting selected projects that are deemed suitable for presenting Hamburg nationally and internationally as a dynamic business location.

Cooperation projects in the field of cultural marketing

The city of Hamburg is an important cultural centre in northern Europe, with more than 300 cultural institutions, including around 60 museums, numerous art galleries, about 45 theatres, 20 cinemas and 150 music clubs. Numerous other cultural assets in the region further contribute to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region’s unique cultural landscape.

The HMG and its partners harness the image-building potential of Hamburg as a cultural location through marketing campaigns. In this context, special attention is attached to the Elbphilharmonie and the Reeperbahn Festival as these already constitute elements of the Hamburg brand. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region’s cultural scene offers excellent occasions for communicating the region as a liveable, diverse and dynamic northern hotspot and for inducing travel to the region.

Further cooperation projects:

In accordance with our guiding principle “Strengthening strengths”, the HMG’s cross-sectoral marketing team also takes up suitable occasions and projects of private partners and uses these in cooperation projects aimed at marketing Hamburg nationally and internationally. One of the goals here is to further strengthen digital and start-up businesses in Hamburg.

Projects include e.g. collaborations with the Hamburg Startups initiative, the Social Media Week Hamburg and the Online Marketing Rockstars.