International Online Communication

Our international online communications team targets Hamburg expats, businesses and visitors via the internet and social media and supplies them with Hamburg-related marketing content. Services include e.g. the “Hamburg News”, a bilingual business news service that aims to provide target-specific news and promote Hamburg as a business location. Social media provide the opportunity to make use of public debates and public platforms and to enter into direct contact with specific target groups, e.g. in the context of events.

In addition, our online communication team coordinates the holding company’s online activities and provides strategic impetus. In collaboration with other municipal partners, the team develops strategies and concepts for optimising Hamburg-related content and services on the internet.

Hamburg News

Since July 2014, the bilingual “Hamburg News” portal has been offering current news from the business capital of Hamburg. The portal is updated daily and offers a general overview of current business news, as well as in-depth information on Hamburg’s economic clusters. The editorial team from the HMG’s cross-sectoral marketing department is in charge of researching and composing all contributions, which are supplied in both English and German. The news portal aims to attract attention to Hamburg as a business location and maintain links with the HMG’s partners and services.

In addition to the online portal, “Hamburg News” is also available on Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter with multilingual posts as well as a weekly newsletter.

Social Media Unit

Our social media team coordinates all social media activities and instruments of the HMG holding and its subsidiaries, i.e. the Hamburg Convention Bureau (HCB) and the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation. The social media team implements measures according to specific target groups and topics in collaboration with the HMG’s sectoral units. The relevant project managers maintain close contact with each other and with the HMG’s various business units and also fulfil the role of service partners within the holding company.

The coordination of social media channels by one team creates thematic synergies

that are anchored in the brand strategy. These synergies greatly contribute to developing sustainable relationships with the respective target groups and also pay off in the form of temporary cross-media campaigns.