Museums in Hamburg


(ThisIsJulia Photography / Deichtorhallen)

The Deichtorhallen in Hamburg are a highly recommended destination for visitors to the city who are interested in art. They are among the largest exhibition halls for contemporary art and photography in Europe. Nestled between the city center and HafenCity, the Hamburg Deichtorhallen are a visual highlight in themselves.

Deichtorstraße 1-2 (Altstadt)

Tel: 040 321030

Bucerius Kunst Forum

(ThisIsJulia Photography / Bucerius Kunstforum)

The Bucerius Kunst Forum on the Alter Wall invites its guests to an exclusive encounter with the classics of art. Four changing exhibitions per year show international art of the highest quality in a concentrated format.

Alter Wall 12 (Altstadt)

Tel: 040 36 09 96 0

Hamburger Kunsthalle

(Christian Spahrbier)

With its internationally unique collection, the Hamburger Kunsthalle has established itself as one of the largest and most important art museums in Germany. Hardly any other house offers such an impressive tour of European art history from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Glockengießerwall 5 (St. Georg)

Tel: 040 428131200

Museum of Hamburg History

(SHMH / Sinje Hasheider)

The Museum of Hamburg History, which opened in 1877, is one of Europe's leading museums for cultural history, handicrafts, design and photography. The exhibitions of the museum immerse the museum guest in antiquity, in Japanese tea ceramic art as well as in the science of photography from all over the world. Its collections range from antiquity to the present, covering around 4000 years of design history. There is a particular focus on Greco-Roman antiquity, Art Nouveau and a large collection of photographs and posters.

Holstenwall 24 (St. Pauli)

Tel: 040 428134-880

Jenisch Haus

(SHMH / Sinje Hasheider)

At the gates of the city center, the classical country house of the Jenisch House, which is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Hamburg, attracts with its princely charm and the beautiful, extensive landscaped garden on the banks of the Elbe. The south rooms offer a great view of the river and ships. If you like something a little more rural, you shouldn't hesitate to pay a visit to the Jenisch house.

Baron-Voght-Straße 50 (Klein Flottbek)

Tel: 040 828790


Altonaer Museum

(Jérome Gerull)

The Altonaer Museum in Hamburg is one of the many sights in the Hanseatic city that should not be missed during a trip. Not only the famous historic Speicherstadt, the St. Michaelis Church or the numerous shopping facilities attract many visitors to the Elbe metropolis, but also the extensive cultural offer of Hamburg with many museums is a highlight of the city.

Museumstraße 23 (Altona)

Tel: 040 4281350

Museum of Work

(SHMH / Sinje Hasheider)

Whether it's a print shop, trading office, metal workshop or special exhibition: the Museum of Work in Hamburg-Barmbek shows Hamburg's industrial, technological and social history. TRUDE, with which the 4th Elbe tunnel tube was dug, stands as a technical monument in the museum courtyard.

Wiesendamm 3 (Barmbek)

Tel: 040 4281330

Cap San Diego

(ThisIsJulia Photography)

Its elegant silhouette is part of the Hamburg harbor panorama like the warehouse district and the Michel. However, the largest cargo ship in the world is still seaworthy and leaves the Port of Hamburg several times a year for various destinations. All details of the museum ship can be viewed daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Überseebrücke (Landungsbrücken)

Tel: 040 364209

Museum of Illusions

(Museum der Illusionen)

The Museum of Illusions is a fantastically magical place for all ages. You will quickly notice that nothing is as it seems here. And that is exactly what the Museum of Illusions in Hamburg wants to show its visitors. A lot of the world is not what it seems. So, you better look twice. The exhibition rooms will show you how easily our brains can be fooled or tricked.

Lilienstraße 14-16 (Altstadt)

Tel: 040 30707105

Spicy's Spice Museum

(Spicy's Gewürzmuseum)

The first spice museum in the world has been in the Speicherstadt since 1993. 50 raw spices and kitchen herbs invite you to smell, taste and touch. More than 900 exhibits from the last 5 centuries show the processing of spices from cultivation to the finished product. Old sieving, dosing and mixing machines, tamping works and a roller mill, transport carts and original containers tell the impressive story of herb and spice processing.

Am Sandtorkai 34 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 367989

Archaeological Museum Hamburg

(Archäologisches Museum Hamburg)

The Archaeological Museum has existed for over 100 years. From the Historical Museum for the City of Harburg to the Archaeological State Museum of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the museum has developed into one of the most important archaeological museums in northern Germany.

Museumspl. 2 (Harburg)

Tel: 040 428712497

Port Museum Hamburg

(SHMH / Sinje Hasheider)

The port museum conveys the history of shipping and the port as a transhipment center in a very special way. Located in the listed, historic Freihafen, the museum consists of a large shed full of exhibits and the museum ship "Bleichen", in which floating exhibits can be entered. The exhibits come from shipbuilding, trade and shipping and tell the successful history of Hamburg over many years as an important transhipment point.

Australiastraße 50A (Ballinstadt)

Tel: 040 – 73 091 184

Ernst Barlach House

(Ernst Barlach Haus / Andreas Weiss)

Located in the Jenischpark, one of the most beautiful landscaped gardens in Hamburg, the Ernst Barlach House houses major works by the Expressionist sculptor, draftsman and writer Ernst Barlach. In addition to the top-class collection, the privately run museum offers attractive exhibitions on classical modern and contemporary art as well as the Klang & FORM concert series.

Baron-Voght-Straße 50 A (Klein Flottbek)

Tel: 040 826085

Museum Ship Rickmer Rickmers

(Museumsschiff Rickmer Rickmers)

A visit to the freighter built in 1896 is always worthwhile. Interesting special exhibitions on maritime topics lure below deck; large display boards, old photos and nautical exhibits document the exciting history of Rickmer Rickmers. Lovingly restored crew and officer quarters offer a glimpse into the sometimes rough seaman's life - and the on-board restaurant spoils you with Hanseatic dishes. Rickmer Rickmers has been the official ship post office of Deutsche Post since 2006 with its own special postmark. Only the crew and embarked guests are allowed to use this post office, but visitors are included! Be sure to drop mail from Hamburg here.

Landungsbrücken 1a (St. Pauli)

Tel: 040 3195959

Coffee Museum Burg

(Kaffeemuseum Burg)

In the heart of the Speicherstadt, where coffee was stored and processed as early as 1896, visitors can take free tours to learn interesting facts about the cultivation, trade and further processing of the popular coffee beans. Coffee culture and history are very important in the roastery, which originally came from Hamburg-Eppendorf. Many exhibits will take you into the history of the popular hot drink.

St. Annenufer 2 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 55204258



(SHMH / Sinje Hasheider)

Groeps, rubber bales, coffee sacks and sugar swatters... Typical tools and imported goods are shown, which illustrate the work of the quartermasters (storekeepers). From the weighing and sampling of the goods to their processing by sorting machines and manual sorting, it is clear how high-quality imported goods such as coffee, cocoa, tobacco or rubber were stored in the past. Children also have fun here because they can touch many things and explore the museum independently with a rally. For the younger ones there is the search game "Open your eyes in the museum".

Am Sandtorkai 36 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 321191


Car Museum Prototyp

(Automuseum Prototyp)

Under the motto “People. Power. Wagen.” Since April 2008, the Car Museum Prototyp in Hamburg's HafenCity has been showing a comprehensive picture of real passion for cars: Ingenious designers and daring racing drivers are staged, as are technical details of powerful engines and elegant sports and racing cars from 70 years of automotive history. the visitor has the rare opportunity to get unusually close to the icons of engineering.

Shanghaiallee 7 (HafenCity)

Tel: 040 39 99 69 70

International Maritime Museum Hamburg

(Christian Spahrbier)

A whole series of museums shows the history of the Port of Hamburg and the development of seafaring: including the International Maritime Museum, in which the former journalist and CEO of the Axel Springer publishing house Peter Tamm has his extensive private collection on the history of shipping and naval history on 8 decks / floors presented.

Koreastraße 1 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 300 92 30–0

Emigration Museum BallinStadt

(Ballinstadt Auswanderermuseum)

The BallinStadt emigration museum in Hamburg's Veddel district opens its doors and its exhibition shows the history of emigration from four eras. For 15 years Ballinstadt has been showing the life and wishes of people who were on their way to a new home. In addition to exhibitions on immigration and emigration, you can also research your own ancestors in the family research center.

Veddeler Bogen 2 (BallinStadt)

Tel: 040 31979160

Museum of Arts and Crafts

(Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe)

The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg, which opened in 1877, is one of Europe's leading museums for cultural history, handicrafts, design and photography. The exhibitions of the museum immerse the museum guest in antiquity, in Japanese tea ceramic art as well as in the science of photography from all over the world. Its collections range from antiquity to the present, covering around 4000 years of design history. There is a particular focus on Greco-Roman antiquity, Art Nouveau and a large collection of photographs and posters.

Steintorplatz 1 (St. Georg)

Tel: 040 428134-880

U-434 Submarine Museum

(ThisIsJulia Photography)

Once used by the Russian Navy for espionage, it is now moored in Hamburg on St. Pauli as a museum submarine. Tours are possible all year round. The Russian submarine U-434 is the largest hunting and spy submarine in the world and offers an exciting insight behind the fronts of the Cold War on the edge of Hamburg harbour. At the same time, it becomes clear how spartanly the crew lived under water.

Fischmarkt 10 (St. Pauli)

Sankt Pauli Museum

(Sankt Pauli Museum)

Experience Hamburg's most famous district on a tour through its eventful times. In the permanent exhibition, the Sankt Pauli Museum presents unique exhibits and pictures that vividly illustrate the varied development of St. Pauli from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Davidstraße 17 (St. Pauli)

Tel: 040 439 20 80


(SHMH / Sinje Hasheider)

The Kramer widow's apartment is one of the last surviving examples of a typical Hamburg courtyard complex from the 17th century. The apartments, the so-called Krameramtsstuben, were built for the widows of the members of the Krameramt. One of these apartments was furnished in the style of the 19th century and can be visited.

Krayenkamp 10 (Neustadt)

Tel: 040 37501988

German Additives Museum

(Deutsches Zusatzstoffmuseum)

Thousands of additives are added to produce food. In the German Museum of Additives in Hamburg you can learn a lot about the function, manufacture, risks and side effects of additives. Get to know the world of emulsifiers and stabilizers, colorants and preservatives, aromas, baking agents and flavor enhancers using everyday products.

Theodorstraße 42-90 / Haus 4 (HafenCity)

Tel: 040 / 32 02 77 57

German Customs Museum

(Deutsches Zollmuseum)

Exciting customs history in the Speicherstadt: counterfeit stamps, smuggling hideouts, historical uniforms... more than 1000 exhibits vividly convey the work of customs in the past and present. In this exhibition you will learn a lot about customs that you may not have known before.

Alter Wandrahm 16 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 30087611