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Selected Blog Posts about Hamburg
thelifestylehunter - 10 places you should definitely visit in Hamburg

Hamburg is such a nice city. Being Europe’s third-largest port, crossed by hundreds of canals, and with large areas of parkland; a mixture of urban life, nature, and elegance embrace this city. I completely loved visiting it and would like to come back again (or even live here). - Hamburg Photography Guide

Hamburg – one of the best cities in Germany for photographers – is filled with beautiful sites to see and gems to discover. Every corner you turn, there’s a picture-perfect location to inspire your Instagram feed. - How Seasonal Eating in Hamburg Made Us Think Differently About Food

Hamburg as a food destination was a surprising revelation for us. The blue waters of the River Elbe and the North Sea have nourished and sustained Hamburg for centuries. - Cool Hunting in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is having a moment. After years of living in the shadow of its big brother Berlin, Germany’s second city is becoming THE a weekend break of choice. It has the classic elements of a great trip to Europe: a fascinating history, beautiful architecture, and a couple of gloriously ridiculous tourist traps (l can promise you that spending a couple of hours in the insanity that is Miniatur Wunderland* is absolutely money well spent), but dig just slightly under the obvious Trip Advisor suggestions and you’ll find a city radiating cool.​ - One city, many flavours: 11 of Hamburg’s best food hotspots

Do you like to explore cities through your stomach? Great. You’re reading the right blog! You should definitely consider Hamburg as the venue for your next foodie shortbreak in 2019. - A Weekend In Hamburg Germany – 10 Places to Eat & Drink in Hamburg

Ever spent a long weekend in Hamburg? In Europe, it’s incredibly easy to spend a weekend away in different locations in order to get a taste test of that location. Recently we popped over to Hamburg Germany to check out the food scene and to discover what’s going on with craft beer in Hamburg. - Hamburg’s hipster district: Sternschanze

Above the beautiful medieval churches, the canals and all the must-dos of Hamburg, if you want to see another side of the city, Sternschanze neighbourhood is the place to be! Usually referred to as Schanze. One of my most read articles in the blog is the Madrid’s Malasaña guide, well let me tell you that Madrid has some serious competition in terms of cool, alternative, hipster districts. - Hamburg Map for Foodies

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with a small, but growing food scene dominated by young chefs. The city is also sprinkled with specialty coffee shops. I have gathered all my Hamburg recommendations in this foodie map. - Music City of Hamburg - A Guide to the Reeperbahn Festival and the Beatles Legacy

I’ve now lived in Hamburg for 2.5 years and I fall more in love with the city every day. Even though it’s Germany’s second-largest city behind Berlin (yes, even larger than Munich), it’s still an under-the-radar destination for many people outside of Germany. - Best Hotel in Hamburg: Tortue

My favorite hotel in Hamburg is Tortue. This beautiful hotel is luxurious, wonderful designed and very comfortable. In my opinion Tortue is the best hotel in Hamburg. Hotel Tortue is located in the Stadthöfe neighborhood, a nice area with beautiful buildings and many shops and restaurants. - 2 days in Hamburg, Germany: things to do,see and eat

Spending 2 days in Hamburg, Germany is a perfect city break, with loads of things to do, places to visit, and of course (most importantly) amazing places to eat and drink.
gabrielateisu-com - The gateway to the world and and unexpected und pleasant surprise

Hamburg surprised me and made me live a lot of contradictory feelings in just in a few days. The reason I say this is because the first thing I thought when I arrived in the city, was: “Hey, I thought I just left Amsterdam”. - An Active Weekend in Hamburg

Hamburg has recently been awarded the title ‘Global Active City’ along with Buenos Aires, Lillehammer, Ljubljana, Richmond and Liverpool. Each of these cities have a focus on offering their residents the opportunity to choose active and healthy lifestyles. Hamburg is working to expand the sports infrastructure and provide access to facilities for the local community. - Heiligenhafen and the Beach Motel on Germany's North Coast

What’s so amazing about a little town called Heiligenhafen in Germany, near the Danish border? I grew up near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and this spot has to be a sister destination to New England. With boardwalk promenades, rolling waves, sea-grass dunes and nautically-themed businesses, this really is a beautiful place. - Reeperbahn Festival

‘There is music everywhere I go during Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg… On each street corner, in every music venue and of course at the Festival Village. Hamburg is the city where the people really connect through the music!’ - What Travelers Should Know About Hamburg's Vibrant Music Scene

Dressed in all white from head to toe, British electronic group Metronomy took the stage. Magenta and violet lights bounced off their white instruments as the crowd nodded their heads to the beat. This wasn’t the first time an incredible international act graced the stages of Grosse Freiheit 36 in Hamburg, Germany, however. - How to Visit Hamburg Reeperbahn Clubs Festival Like a Pro

Reeperbahn festival Hamburg is a true gem not just for those in love with music but also for people wanting to discover Hamburg city. The biggest club festival in Europe, it is not one of those fests where everything is happening in one place out in the field somewhere. - Cool Things to Do in Hamburg Germany

Are there cool things to do in Hamburg Germany? I’ve been fascinated by Hamburg ever since the contestants of The Amazing Race went there a few seasons back. A bit off the traditional tourist track compared to destinations in Germany like Berlin and Munich, Hamburg is a gritty port where old factory complexes have taken on new life making for an ideal city break destination. - 10 Reasons to Visit Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and is not the most popular when it comes to planning your German tourist destinations, however, this eclectic, industrial city needs to be added to everyone’s Germany bucket list. - Hamburgs Guide to Nightlife

Hamburg, the city of blinding lights. Forget New York or London, the city that never sleeps resides in Hamburg, Germany where you can party till the early hours, get up grab yourself something delicious from the deli and bounce back into the day time - If You Only Have One Day in Hamburg - What to See, Do and Eat

Over the years I’ve had a chance to explore a many number of regions of Germany including big cities and smaller towns but there’s nothing quite like the experience I had in Hamburg. - Hamburg Vegan Food Guide

A guide to the best vegan food in Hamburg. We explore the most delicious vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes around St Pauli and other districts of Hamburg, Germany. - A Hamburg Music Festival and More in Germany

Of all the music festivals I’ve enjoyed worldwide, it’s officially decided – Germany throws the best ones. MS Dockville in late summer is a laid-back gathering of dozens of international acts, ranging from hip-hop and folk to DJ sets and house. - 25 Awesome Things to do in Hamburg

Check out our guide for 25 awesome things to do in Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city home to the Hamburgers (the people, not the food) and Europe’s second largest port city. - Three Days in Hamburg Itinerary

Upon checking into my hostel in Prague, the desk attendant made the usual conversation by asking where I was coming from. When I told him Hamburg , he looked shocked and told me how he’d heard it was a gloomy and gray industrial city. I could’ve fallen to the floor because Hamburg was the exact opposite. It was sunny, bright, and beautiful, but maybe that’s because I went with zero expectations. - City Short Break: 24H in happening Hamburg

Hamburg not on your destination wish list? Big mistake: this harbor city in the northern part of Germany is bustling with energy. I am an instant fan since this first visit. Of the relaxed Hamburgers, the impressive buildings from the past ànd the future and much, much more. Two days are perfect for a first impression, tag along with me and my rental bike on my Hamburg adventures. - A Mid-Summer Weekend’s Dream for the Whole Family

More than 50 years after the Beatles built the foundation of their musical legacy in clubs of Hamburg, Germany, it remains an essential pilgrimage stop for music fans. However, like other major German cities, the city is packed with museums, historic sites and cultural spots tailor-made for visitors of all ages. And then there are statistics showing an increasing number of U.S. travelers want their children to have a truly “local” experience at the vacation destination, and see for themselves what kids their age do for fun. - Historic Hamburg May Be Europe's Most Modern City

Germany's second-largest city is rapidly overtaking Berlin as the nation's can't-miss destination. Hamburg is home to rich history, diverse musical and theatrical heritage, an active LGBTQ community, and, especially lately, some of Europe's most intriguing urban renewal. - Why Hamburg, Germany is so hot right now

Travellers are obsessed with Hamburg right now, and the hype is with very good reason; Germany's most liveable city has a lot going for it. - Bianc Restaurant in Hamburg is defining culinary mastery

Bianc Restaurant in Hamburg Germany takes contemporary fine dining to a level that will make experienced foodies rejoice. Every element of the gastronomic journey is paved with intense thought and creativity. - A Complete Guide to Third Wave Coffee in Hamburg

Hamburg has more bridges than Venice. Water isn’t scarce, neither from the sky or from the ground. If the sky stays dry you can use a stand-up paddleboard to stroll down the posh Eppendorf’s town canals, pretend to vacation on the beach at the Elbe or jog around the river Alster. Rain or shine, you should check out the harbour next to the architecturally stunning Speicherstadt. That’s a UNESCO world heritage site, where coffee sacks were already apparent in 1980, what later lead to the Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei. Today, our dainty and cosy city, full of chic locals but also rugged streets and urban art has evolved its coffee roasting to the individual third wave standard. So if ‘water mingled with speciality coffee beans’ is your thing, then I recommend putting together your city guide from my eleven suggestions below. - Postcards from Hamburg: Canadian singer Charlotte Cardin on the city's sights and sounds

Visiting Germany's second city for Chanel's annual Métiers d'Arts fashion show, Canadian chanteuse Charlotte Cardin explores the historic charm and contemporary culture that inspired designer Karl Lagerfeld's first presentation in his hometown - Hamburg, Germany: Unusual Experiences For An Unusual City

One doesn’t normally think that a German city will be inherently weird. I mean, it’s Germany after all, a country known for its stoic adherence to orderliness and things that just make sense. But the northern cities have always been a little bit separated from the rest of the country; proximity to sea routes bringing in customs and traditions from around the world. Because of this unusual history, Hamburg today is an unusual place, and I mean that in the very best way possible. It’s liberal, it’s quirky, it’s creative and it’s fun – what’s not to love? There’s a lot to see and do in this large city, but if you’re new to Hamburg these experiences are amongst my favorite and shouldn’t be missed. - Vegan in Hamburg: My favorite restaurants

Much like Leipzig, Hamburg came as a pleasant surprise, with chilled vibes all around and throngs of alternative, cool and independent shops and cafés. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s located not so far from Berlin, but I found Hamburg to be a bit similar in some ways — be it in the cool nature of the stylish locals or the general overall diversity. As such, the German port city obviously had several vegan restaurants for us to sample, and, what the hell, a fully vegan bed and breakfast! So without further ado, I’d like to present you a short list of all the delicious vegan food we sampled in Hamburg. I know we’ve missed a few, but I’m hoping to go back soon and update this guide. Recommendations warmly welcome! - My fourth FAM / Press Trip to Hamburg – Holy Hamburg!

So Hamburg. Yeah! As you know, last week I told you about how I was invited to Hamburg, as a guest of Hamburg Marketing. What you don’t know, are the details of my press trip! - Hamburg: An introduction to a port city!

Moin! Moin! So I went to Hamburg a couple of weeks ago! And I was very kindly invited by Hamburg Marketing, to join them on a press trip. But OMG! I so need to go again! - Beyond Fischbrötchen: 5 culinary hotspots in Hamburg

Are you headed to Hamburg but don't know where to eat and drink?* Well, look no further! I've compiled a list of 5 awesome places which offer more than just the typical Hamburg Fischbrötchen (fish in a bun - sounds weird but tastes great!). - Hamburg off the beaten path

Hamburg is my favourite city in Germany and I've been there 7 times already! Needless to say that at this point, I've seen all the main sights and museums, so when I visited the city last time, I made it my goal to explore what Hamburg has to offer off the beaten path!* - 15 fun facts about Hamburg

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Hamburg* for the (if I'm not mistaken) 7th time. I've always loved the city but it was only on this trip, that I really got to know more about the city and its past! Of course, I 'd like to share my newly-gained knowledge with you, so here are 15 fun facts about Hamburg you definitely didn't know before - unless you've been to Hamburg 7 times - Culture and Christmas in Hamburg

When we learnt that Hamburg polls as the ‘Happiest City in Germany’, we thought there would be no better place to experience December’s festive cheer than by exploring the city’s Christmas Markets. One thing we learned for sure is that the ‘Hamburgers’ do Christmas a little differently. In fact, Hamburg seems to wear it’s laid-back, non-conformist cultural identity as a badge honour – and maybe that’s the secret to their happiness! to spend the perfect weekend exploring Hamburg’s Christmas markets

Don’t know your Santa Pauli from your Roncalli when it comes to festive Hamburg? Don’t worry, our Hamburg Christmas market weekend guide will have you sorted in no time. - Festival Re-Cap: How Ms Dockville Hamburg 2017 was like

2017 had a lot of great adventures up its sleeve for me and so far only few of them made it to the blog. As the year is coming to an end I would like to share some of the highlights with you. Before I will smash a huge monster recap up here on December 30th, a few special travel memories will get places of honor. - Hamburg: Under the Christmas Lights

Among the gifts, the Christmas holidays and the job which has to be accomplished, this end-of-the-year is synonym of stress which leaves us every year the same impression that the month of December flashed just as fast as it started. So, this time, what would you say if you take a time-out for a week-end ? What about Hamburg ? - Hamburg, you got me.

You know that feeling you get when you see a great movie that you didn’t know anything about prior to watching it? Every scene, character and plot twist are introduced to your surprise and you never quite know where it’s going, but your... - 6 Fun Things to Do in Hamburg, Germany

There’s nothing better than being proved wrong on your preconceived notions. For me, case in point is Hamburg, Germany. Full of history, culture and an urban lifestyle, Hamburg is everything I didn’t know it is. My former German tutor had constantly told me how nice of a city it was and how I should visit. - Maritime Vibes at Hamburg on Tour Festival 2017 in London

The first thing that greeted me when I arrived for Hamburg on Tour in London last weekend were a couple of smiling, oversized sailor statues outside the Boiler House venue in Shoreditch. Hard to miss! As was this free festival put on by the marketing team of the German port city of Hamburg for the first time in the UK. - The Coolest Things to Do in Hamburg, From 13 Travel Bloggers

Hamburg came to London this weekend, with a pop up event at the Boiler House in Brick Lane – Hamburg on Tour. The whole point was to show off some of the coolest things to do in Hamburg for visitors. According to the Hamburger team from that would be the Elbphilharmonie, the Beatles ukulele tour, the street art and to sample the beer and coffee scenes too. And they bought the best of the city over to tempt people to make the trip. - Why we need to go back to Hamburg

Berlin. London. Paris. Such cities are on the radar of almost everyone. Speak to most 20-somethings with a drop of wanderlust in their veins, and they're bound to have spent sometime discovering at least one of the three. They're all capitals... - Free Spirit: Hamburg sets sail for London

It might’ve been standing outside old clubs like the Indra and Kaiserkeller, with Beatles obsessive Stefanie Hempel recounting stories of their never-ending sets, brawling bouncers, and special ‘pick me ups’ at the turn of the 1960s... - Reeperbahn Festival 2017

I've been counting down the weeks as I flitter away on another adventure to the city of culture, on the cuff of society, it's rules, because Hamburg simply doesn't care for it. You might have seen last years Reeperbahn expedition... - Solo Travel Guide to Hamburg

In September I spent a long weekend in Hamburg visiting Reeperbahn Festival (see full review and festival tips) and exploring Germany’s second largest city. While I was part of a small group during the festival, I also planned in two days... - Reeperbahn Festival 2017: The Review

Ah, Hamburg. The original sin city – an annual haunt in my youth but not visited for many a year. When a friend suggested I should go there and waxed lyrical about ‘the greatest festival on Earth’, I was sufficiently intrigued to give it a go... - Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival 2017

If there is such a thing as the perfect time to visit Hamburg (separate city guide post coming up), I probably hit the jackpot with getting to go during Reeperbahn Festival time. What an amazing weekend! I arrived on Wednesday afternoon and... - Take a Bite out of Hamburg

From funfairs to fish markets and franzbroetchen, Hamburg has an awful lot going for it (and not just stuff that starts with ‘f’). It’s Germany’s third-visited city for good reason. The draw isn’t just its wealth of cool attractions...'s A Free Festival Coming To London!

Autumn in London tends to be one of the quieter times of the year. You’re never quite sure what to wear – it starts to get a tad too cold to dine al fresco and the high of the summer’s events definitely start to wear off. - Why Hamburg should be your next destination

Today I'm talking about why Hamburg is currently one of the coolest places in Europe to go exploring, and why you should be too. - 9 Musicians You Should Know

Hamburg’s annual Reeperbahn Festival has, for the past decade, been one of the music industry’s most important festivals in Germany. Inspired by SXSW in Austin, Texas, the Reeperbahn Festival mixes industry insiders alongside...
thestyleandbeautydoctor - Why You Should Visit Hamburg 07/2016

I was invited on a blogger press trip to visit the cities of Hamburg and Berlin. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was because since visiting Düsseldorf last year, I wanted to see more of Germany. -Street Art Walk Hamburg 12/2014

What's better than wandering through a city and finding little gems of artwork around every corner? Fortunately, Hamburg is a city that values good street art and after the sudden death of Hamburg's most famous graffiti artist Oz... - A Gay Couple traveling - City Weekend 06/2016

Hamburg, the Hanseatic city in the Northern part of Germany was already since a while high on the gay couple's travel bucket list. And so, Karl and Daan decided to stay for three days in early summer. - Prowling the Streets of Hamburg 07/2016

Berlin gets tons of attention, but Hamburg shouldn't be ignored, as it's a fabulous town as well. I spent two short days there on a press trip, thanks to Hamburg Tourism, and much of my time was focused on... - Hamburg: The Coffee Lover's Guide 01/2016

Hamburg is a coffee city. People here have been trading in coffee for 200 years now, and Second Wave coffee companies like Tchibo and J.J. Darboven were founded here.