Star-Rated Restaurants in Hamburg

(Bianc / Budget Traveler / Kash Bhattacharya)

The Table ✶ ✶ ✶

The newest of Hamburg´s star-rated restaurants not only convinces with three stars and the exquisite cuisine but also with its innovative space concept . The name says it all ! A single , curved counter of dark cherry wood relieves the host of the usual conventions and allows both socializing and a separation in the seat groups of varying sizes . Gourmet lovers will find in " The Table " by top chef Kevin Fehling classic dishes interpreted in a modern , nuanced way by the influences of different latitudes.

Shanghaiallee 15 (HafenCity)
Tel: +49 (040) 22 86 74 22

Haerlin ✶ ✶

The restaurant is located in the luxury hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten” and has just undergone a complete renovation. Chef Christoph Rüffer has received a makeover for his spacious kitchen area: the patisserie is decorated in gingerbread style, and the rotisserie is reminiscent of a forest, with lots of wood and a wall-mounted deer’s head. The exclusive chef's table is situated behind glass. From here, special guests can watch the chefs preparing their dinner.

Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14 (Neustadt)
Tel: +49 (0)40 34 94 33 10

bianc ✶✶

An escape to southern Europe is the bianc in the HafenCity. Matteo Ferrantino offers contemporary and imaginative gourmet compositions. Only the best products from the land and  sea and seasonal offerings are used for the unique cuisine. The interior reflects the mediterranean lifestyle, warm colors and forms all gathered around an olive tree.

Am Sandtorkai 50 (HafenCity)
+49 (0)40 18 11 97 97


Lakeside Restaurant ✶

High above the Alster, flooded with light and with a spectacular panoramic view over Hamburg - welcome to the Lakeside restaurant. The creations at Lakeside are enjoyable, but also unconventional, bold and unexpected in their combinations. The dishes of chef Julian Stowasser are easy to understand for the guest and not overdone, at the same time they are characterized by high taste density and complexity. In March 2021, the team around Julian Stowasser was awarded by the Michelin Guide with one star.

Fontenay 10 (Rothenbaum)

Tel: +49 40 605 6 605-850

Petit Amour ✶

Since 2016 the star rated Restaurant Petit Amour is setting new Standards in Hamburg - Ottensen. Extraordinary wines are served in combination with French- German cuisine. Boris Kaspriks' focus as a head cook is clearly focussing on seasonal and high quality creations for his guests

Spritzenplatz 11 (Ottensen)
Tel: +49 (0) 40 30 74 6556

Landhaus Scherrer ✶

This restaurant has been firmly established in Hamburg’s culinary landscape for over 30 years. The tasteful star-rated restaurant is a popular meeting place for international gourmets and for numerous celebrities. The most recent innovation: a digital wine list  that allows guests to scroll through the menu on an iPad and find information on the wines served.

Elbchaussee 130 (Othmarschen)
Tel: +49 (0)40 883 07 00 30

Se7en Oceans ✶

The Se7en Oceans restaurant guarantees a varied culinary experience at the highest level. With a stunning view of the Alster Lake, guests can indulge in their own individual way – with a star-rated dinner in the gourmet restaurant, a simple lunch in the bistro or sushi bar, a cocktail at the bar or a cigar and cognac in the cigar lounge.

Ballindamm 40 (Altstadt)
Tel: +49 (0)40 32 50 79 44

Piment ✶

The imaginative cuisine of star chef Wahabi Nouri is as diverse and varied as the spice that lends its name to the restaurant. The combination of flavours of French-Moroccan cuisine offers a truly exquisite taste experience. The intimate dining room in stylish Eppendorf soothes the souls of guests with warm tones of red and historic stucco.

Lehmweg 29 (Hoheluft-Ost)
Tel: +49 (0)40 42 93 77 88

100/200 ✶

Authenticity, this is a special keyword when speaking of Thomas Imbusch’s star-rated restaurant, the 100/200. It is all about experiencing the craft, the noises, the odours and the preparation, the guests are involved in it all. In the centre of the room are the stove and the oven with the guests gathered around, this is where the menus ranging from five to 25 courses are prepared.

Brandshofer Deich 68 (Rothenburgsort)
Tel: +49 (0)40 309 25 191