Family museums in Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland

(Miniaturwunderland / Mediaserver Hamburg)

“We are going to build the largest model railway in the world!” That was the dream of brothers Gerrit and Frederik Braun 15 years ago, and they have made their dream come true. The Miniatur Wunderland lures thousands of visitors to the city every year. The little ones are not the only ones fascinated by the beautifully designed landscapes of each section, the finely painted minutest figurines and the flashing lights of the machinery.

Kehrwieder 2-4 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: +49 40 300 68 00

Hamburg Dungeon

(Hamburg Dungeons / ibid.)

In the Hamburg Dungeon you can travel through 600 years of Hamburg history in indeed an eerily beautiful way. Real actors integrate visitors into their compelling stories revolving around Hamburg’s past, covering spine-chilling topics such as the Great Fire or the plague. While the show may be too creepy for children under the age of ten, it is otherwise terrific fun for the whole family.

Kehrwieder 2 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: +49 18 06 66 69 01 40


(Chocoversum / Christian Spahrbier)

The Chocoversum is the perfect museum for lovers of chocolate and a great experience for all other guests – for here you can enjoy the world of chocolate. There are scent stations to stimulate appetite, and visitors are even allowed to nibble. As a special highlight you can produce your “own” favourite chocolate, which you may take home as a souvenir.

Messberg 1 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: +49 40 41 91 23 00

International Maritime Museum Hamburg

(Inter. Maritime Museum / Mediaserver Hamburg)

Situated in the historic Speicherstadt warehouse district, the International Maritime Museum Hamburg leads you through maritime and naval history across nine floors. The impressive collection of Peter Tamm exhibits everything to do with water and the sea – from paintings to model ships. It is particularly worthwhile booking a guided tour to learn more about the stories of the seven seas.

Koreastrasse 1 (HafenCity)

Tel: +49 40 30 09 23 00

Automuseum PROTOTYP

(C) Thomas Goerny

Since 2008 the Automuseum PROTOTYP presents a hand-picked selection of cars from 80 years of automotive history. It’s a pleasure for automobile enthusiasts and for friends of wonderful design as well. Further highlights: stories about racing legends and design engineers, an original Porsche 356 driving simulator, the sound of the engines in the audio box, a museum cinema and much more!

Shanghaiallee 7 (HafenCity)

Tel: 040 39 99 69 70


Dialog im Dunkeln

(Dialog im Dunkeln / ThisIsJulia Photography)

Concentrate on your sense of touch, hearing or smell and experience an exhibition of scents, sounds and textures at the Dialog im Dunkeln in the Speicherstadt warehouse district. Blind people lead you through this special experience that will give you an understanding of their world.

Alter Wandrahm 4 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: +49 40 309 63 40

Museum of Ethnology

(Völkermuseum / ibid.)

The MARKK offers an exciting journey to distant lands and foreign cultures and arts, especially for children. Whether it is Indians in North America or the pharaohs in ancient Egypt – there's a lot to discover through films, audio content and various opportunities for trying things out.

Rothenbaumchaussee 64

Tel: +49 40 42 88 79 0

Museum of Labour

(Museum der Arbeit / Sinje Hasheider)

Discover giant Trude, the world´s largest tunnel boring machine, and the road roller Emil, both of which are located in the museum’s yard. Inside the former rubber factory, visitors can experience Hamburg's working and industrial history. There are exciting changing exhibitions all the year round, and on Wednesdays and Sundays from 2pm to 5pm the museum offers a special programme for children aged six to ten. In the metal and printing workshops, you can do your own pegging, embossing and printing for a small charge.

Wiesendamm 3 (Barmbek)

Tel: +49 40 428 13 30

Kl!ck Kindermuseum

(Kindermuseum / ibid.)

At first glance the Kl!ck looks like a children’s paradise, and yet the museum has much more to offer than just the fun factor: it offers an interactive world of experience, providing children with playful insights into themes such as the human body, the Stone Age or life in the past.

Achtern Born 127 (Osdorf)

Tel: +49 40 41 09 97 77