Ice cream parlours

Hej Eis

(Sophie Wolter)

Hej Eis uses only natural ingredients. For example, they make their own nut paste for nut ice cream from 100% nuts.  They only use high-quality ingredients, preferably from the region. What else is so special about Hej Eis: In addition to classics, there are also really exotic ice cream varieties, e.g. white chocolate spirulina, avocado banana, caramel miso, black sesame, azuki bean, butterscotch, lime chilli, English toffee, French roll, hickory smoked chocolate, asparagus lemon, chardonnay and many others.

Eimsbüttel: Schwenckestraße 56 / Julius-Vosseler-Straße 195

Eis & Innig

(Eis und Innig / Website)

Eis & Innig serves the most sustainable ice cream in Hamburg. Only natural ingredients are used to make the ice cream. Eis & Innig is guided by the love of ice cream. The fresh ice cream is created with complete dedication. Responsibility and transparency prevail in the production process.

Klosterallee 102


(eiskantine / Webseite)

There is no "ice cream from a can" in the ice cream canteen - here all nine different varieties are made fresh daily and directly on site. You won't find any additives, ready-mixes or the like here, all varieties are gluten-free*, the sorbets are also suitable for lactose intolerant people.

Kohlhöfe 10


Lieblings Eis

(Lieblings Eis / Webseite)

At Lieblings Eis you can get homemade ice cream and cakes for every taste. Lieblings Eis is also the right place for a hearty breakfast or a cocktail in the evening.

St. Pauli: Detlev-Bremer-Straße 50

Milk Made Ice Cream

(Milk Made Ice Cream)

Milk Made Ice Cream's ice cream is prepared daily and by hand in the in-house ice cream production, in the heart of Eppendorf. Mainly regional, only natural products and never artificial additives are used. In addition to the seasonal ice cream sales in the two shops in Hamburg Eppendorf and Ottensen in black wafers, there are also almost all and always changing varieties, including many sorbets and ice cream made from vegan milk alternatives, available to take away in various cup and glass sizes. And for those who prefer to order conveniently online and wait for their ice cream at home: there is also a dedicated ice cream delivery service for Hamburg.

Eppendorf: Eppendorfer Landstraße 96 // Ottensen: Friedensallee 30

Oehlers Eispatisserie

(Oehlers Eispatisserie / Facebook)

In the middle of the 2020 corona pandemic, the city's first ice cream parlour opened in Eimsbüttel and nevertheless quickly established itself - even without an opening ceremony. The passion of the master confectioner may have contributed significantly to this. Everything is made here herself and with mainly regional products. Each individual type of ice cream is given a lot of love and care - which can even be observed directly through a window to the "ice cream workshop".

Eppendorfer Weg 161


Minus Gelato Bar

(Minus Gelato Bar / Webseite)

Cold ice cream and cool drinks await you at MINUS in the Karoviertel. The stylish bar serves homemade ice cream in classic but also unusual flavours - how about Pistachio Crunch or Mint with Brownie? In addition to the ice cream, which is available until late at night, you can also enjoy first-class gin and tonic, cocktails, live music by DJs and a variety of events at MINUS. It's worth a visit!

Karolinenstraße 6


(Eisliebe / Webseite)

Twelve varieties of ice cream, two of which change daily, freshly made in-house and with regional ingredients. Plus ice cream cakes, ice cream pralines and ice cream dumplings. No wonder that in summer half of Ottensen often queues up here. There has been a second branch in Eimsbüttel for a few years.

Bei der Reitbahn 2


(Eisprinzessinnen / Webseite)

The ice princesses in Hamburg's Ottensen district enchant their visitors with delicious ice cream. The ice cream creations are made with love and passion.

Am Rathenaupark 15


(Eisbüttel / Webseite)

Of course, it's not only the ice cream and, in the winter months, the cakes that are handmade at Eisbüttel. Even the furnishings - from the lamps to the tables and benches - are homemade; the owner has collected the wood from Hamburg's construction sites and from demolition sites.

Lutterothstraße 45

Eis Schmidt

(Eis Schmidt)

Tradition and quality are at the heart of Eis Schmidt, which can be found at six different venues across Hamburg. Only fresh dairy and regional ingredients are used at the Hamburg-based production site – and you can certainly taste that. Ice cream varieties come with rather unconventional names, and so are some of the ingredients used: “11 Freunde”, for example, is made of vegan marshmallow; “Charlie Brown” contains yummy chocolate with salted caramel and peanuts, while “Aladdin” with its subtle curry taste may not be suited to the faint-hearted.

Eppendorf: Eppendorfer Landstrasse 96 // Ottensen: Ottenser Hauptstrasse 37 // Sternschanze: Schulterblatt 78 // Blankenese: Blankeneser Markt //
Innenstadt: Colonnaden 25 // Othmarschen: Waitzstrasse 22

Frau Meis Eisladen


The ingredients that go into Eisladen’s ice cream are just as puristic as their brand name: only the best natural and, whenever possible, seasonal produce is processed in their ice cream kitchen. The delicious taste of the ice cream is owing to regional organic milk, fresh fruit from the farmer’s market and pure nut pulp. Ice cream toppings such as home-made caramel sauce and chocolate coating are also available, and as a special highlight you can pimp your ice cream with free chocolate sprinkles or hazelnut brittle.

Fischers Allee 39
Tel: +49 176/48156676

Luicella’s Ice Cream

(Luicella’s Ice Cream)

Luicella’s is represented with a total of four parlours in Hamburg's city districts St. Pauli, Grindelhof, Eppendorf, Eimsbüttel and St. Georg. In a quest to create the perfect ice cream, the parlour’s founders even attended courses at the famous Gelato University in Bologna. Upon their return, they introduced ice cream varieties such as Franzbrötchen, salted caramel, and rhubarb and yoghurt. And now ice cream lovers can even produce their own chocolate and vanilla ice cream at home, with Luicella's dedicated ice cream mix – simply add milk and cream and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Grindelviertel: Grindelhof 67
St. Georg: Lange Reihe 113
St. Pauli: Detlev-Bremer-Straße 46
Eppendorf: Eppendorfer Landstraße 10
Eimsbüttel: Osterstraße 133



Schlecks have brought the latest ice cream trend to Hamburg: ice cream prepared on a cold stone slab! You can select your ingredients according to your own wishes and watch them being mixed on location. The result is the ultimate taste experience and a customised ice cream in the most literal sense. With ice cream creations such as chocolate with brownies and peanut butter or strawberry with jelly and fizzy sherbet, Schleck is definitely worth a visit.

Fischers Allee 78
Tel: +49 40 18989781

Delzepich Eis

(Delzepich Eis)

Delzepich Eis draws the crowds with its ice cream selection that changes every day: from tangerine cheesecake and raspberry to dark chocolate and chai latte. On the Delzepich website you can get a weekly preview of the selection of flavours on offer. Using traditional recipes and natural ingredients, Delzepich create their own quality ice cream every day. To ensure the responsible use of resources, the company produces just enough to provide for the day, i.e. it closes once all ice cream has been sold.

Winterhuder Weg 67
Tel: +49 1525 6385700



Anyone looking for delicious ice cream in Hamburg’s east should make their way to the Eispiraten ice cream parlour in Bahrenfeld. With more than 180 different varieties and an in-house ice cream lab, Eispiraten are constantly working on new creations. Gourmets can choose between dairy ice cream from organic milk and vegan (and thus lactose-free) fruit ice cream. In addition to classic varieties such as chocolate and strawberry, the menu also includes daring choices such as liquorice or caipirinha ice cream. This pirate-themed ice cream parlour is definitely worth the journey – for all pirates great and small.

Mendelssohnstraße 78