Drip Bar

(Drip Bar / James Davidson)

Gin that tastes of hibiscus, rum that tastes of cucumber or tequila that tastes of beet. Unusual? Yes, but the unique variations of cocktails in the dripBar all taste fantastic. The slow-drip process is used here to create new flavors. Originally, this process was used to prepare coffee, but in the dripBar, high-proof drinks are refined to perfection.

Antonistraße 4, 20359 Hamburg


(Clockers / ebd.)

Clockers is located in the center of the new bar and restaurant hotspot on Paul-Roosen-Strasse in St. Pauli. Downstairs there are delicious cocktails and good DJs - upstairs there are rooms for exclusive events.

Paul-Roosen-Straße 27, 22767 Hamburg


(Drilling / Destille Hamburg GmbH)

Behind the DRILLING is the team of the clockers BAR in Hamburg-St.Pauli. They brought their experience from there to Bahrenfeld and were able to adapt and incorporate it into a completely new concept. Also the in-house clockers GIN and clockers HERB (herbal liqueur) are produced in the new distillery since the opening.

Friesenweg 4, 22763 Hamburg

Botanic District

(Botanic District / Website)

In the Botanic District you can try delicious and unusual botanically inspired highballs: How about a creation with rosemary, basil, lavender or violets? In addition to highballs, there is a wide selection of gin and wine on the drinks menu. To satisfy hunger (and as a good basis for all those delicious highballs), burgers and various bowl creations are on offer. The food selection is also botanical or green and sustainable: the meat comes from the local butcher and there is also a large selection of vegan options.

Hegestraße 14 (Hoheluft)

Skyline Bar 20up

(Skyline Bar 20up / Oliver Heinemann)

The Bar of the hotel “Empire Riverside” is very exclusive. From the 20th floor you have a great view across the harbour by night!

Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97, 20359 Hamburg
Tel: 040 311970470

Boilerman Bar

(Boilerman Bar / Webseite)

Stirred, never shaken. The Boilerman Bar specializes in so-called highballs. These drinks consist of a base spirit such as whiskey or gin and a "filler" such as ginger ale, tonic water or the like.

Osakaallee 12 / Überseeboulevard, 20457 Hamburg

Eppendorfer Weg 211, 20457 Hamburg

Aurel Bar

(Mediaserver Hamburg / DOUBLEVISION)

The Aurel is one of the most popular bars in the Ottensen district. Young and old meet here for good music, cocktails and snacks.

Bahrenfelder Str. 157, 22765 Hamburg

Wald Bar

(Mediaserver Hamburg / DOUBLEVISION)

How about a beer in the forest? That's also possible in Neustadt. The Wald Bar convinces with tank beer fresh from Pilsen. The hops are brewed at Pilsner Urquell and then delivered unpasteurised directly from the brewery to the Wald within 24 hours.

Großneumarkt 45, 20459 Hamburg


(Mediaserver Hamburg / DOUBLEVISION)

The Korallbar is a rock-solid corner pub on St. Pauli, the likes of which you rarely  find anymore.

Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 89, 20359 Hamburg

Kleines Phi

(Kleines Phi / ebd.)

The specialty of this bar is the focus on the latin-american drinks based on Tequila, Mezcal or Rum. Through a small door in vintage charme one can get to the backyard which promises unforgettable summer nights.

Feldstraße 42, 20357 Hamburg


(Walrus / Facebook)

Behind black curtains in this modest bar extravagant cocktails as "Stormflood" or "Will you still love me tomorrow" are the state of the art. The bartenders here rely on selected fine spirits and local liquors like "Lütt`n Hamborger", „Altländer Williams-Christ“ or „Hamburger Edelbitter“. Besides fruit liqueurs you can also choose from a variety of craft beers on tap.

Wohlwillstraße 47, 20359 Hamburg St. Pauli

Blog Post "A pouring Tale"


(Strandperle / ThisIsJulia Photography)

The beachclub is located right on the River Elbe, it has a great view of the Elbe and the port. As soon as the first rays of sun appear, the kiosk is the first port of call for hipsters and staider Hamburg residents alike.

Oevelgönne 60, 22605 Hamburg

The Chug Club

(The Chug Club / Facebook)

The brandnew Chug Club has just openend under the lead of barwoman Betty. In dim light, sitting on stools covered with dark green Velvet, here one mostly drinks the trademark of the bar, the so called "Chug" - a high class and creative cocktail in small sizes, somewhere between shot and shortdrink. Always a good idea: the Agave-Liquor.

Taubenstraße 13, 20359 Hamburg


(Goldfischglas / ebd.)

This casual retro-style bar and pub is located in the heart of the Schanzenviertel and is open from 2 pm daily. As well as featuring an extra-long bar counter and a mini disco area, the Goldfischglas also provides the opportunity to enjoy a casual match of table football. Every first Monday of the month, the Goldfischglas hosts a live session with two local bands from Hamburg.

Bartelsstraße 30, 20357 Hamburg


(73/ ebd.)

Right in the centre of bar hot spot Schulterblatt "73" focuses on craft beer and a varied cultural program. Next to it is the famous occupied theatre “Rote Flora” and in the basement their Club “Kleiner Donner” hosts parties and concerts.

Schulterblatt 73, 20357 Hamburg
Tel: 040 31 11 90

Bar Le Lion

(Bar Le Lion / Facebook)

This lion’s den is small and dark, yet very elegant. Discerning people who appreciate a perfect drink go to this bar. The landlord values a sophisticated and private ambience. Only risk: you will want to spend every evening facing the golden lion, which poses majestically behind the bar. The Barkeeper just won the Mixology award 2014.

Rathausstraße 3, 20095 Hamburg
Tel: 040 33 47 53 780


(Sommersalon / Todde Zurbrüggen)

A cozy little bar in the middle of the Reeperbahn where people enjoy good and reasonably priced cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere. The whole street Hamburger Berg is a bar strip popular for warming up or last Drinks during the week hours.

Hamburger Berg 6, 20359 Hamburg
Tel: 040 33 47 53 780

Baccino Café & Bar

(Baccino Café & Bar)

Situated in the heart of the city centre on the Lange Reihe, this elegant café and bar offers a supreme choice of cocktails, long drinks and wine. The Baccino’s excellent aperitif comes with three selected snacks on the house. Wine lovers can try four different wines of their choice as part of a wine tasting session, and drinks are served with delicious varieties of bruschetta. This fine venue can also be rented for private parties – for all those who want to celebrate that very special occasion.

Lange Reihe 54, 20099 Hamburg


(Katze / Google)

Very popular and friendly bar in the district Sternschanze. During the week you drink your cocktail to nice music and friendly prices. On weekends the bar is a club with great music to dance. Don't miss the Caipirinha Happy-Hour. 

Schulterblatt 88, 20357 Hamburg
Tel: 040 55 77 59 10

The Rabbithole Bar

(The Rabbithole Bar / Website)

We love to experiment in our bar with homemade ingredients and create drinks that make our rabbit hole unique. We work exclusively with freshly squeezed juices, cook our own syrups, infuse spirits and prepare liqueurs.

Kleine Freiheit 42, 22767 Hamburg

Absinth Bar

(Absinth Bar / ebd.)

Once banned, the highly concentrated green drink still has a touch of wickedness. In the Absinth Bar, right on the metro and suburban train station Sternschanze, the visitor gets an insight into the absinthe ritual and has a choice of a huge variety of different alcoholic drinks.

Schanzenstraße 99 (Sternschanze)
Tel.: 0176 / 236 219 256

Pony Bar

(Pony Bar / ebd.)

Founded by a student initiative, the Pony Bar is more than just a place to eat. In the evenings, the café transforms into a pub that not only serves beer, wine and Cuba Libre, but also offers a rich cultural programme.

Allende-Platz 1 (Rotherbaum)

Central Congress

(Central Congress / Yelda Yilmaz)

Between Central Station and Speersort, the Central Congress exudes the retro charm of the sixties. The bar, with its rectangular conference tables, is reminiscent of a place from the distant past, where gentlemen with expensive cigars and good brandy decided over the fate of the world. The ambience shows it: The drinks have sober names like "no. 4 "and the audience is far from the party streets and stag parties.

Steinstraße 5 (Hamburg-Alstadt)

Central Congress


(Bacardi Lounge / East Hotel)

The cozy atmosphere and breathtaking design of east bars and lounges are accentuated by the historic architecture of the former iron foundry. In the evening, the bar and lounge areas fill up with guests who come to revive their spirits after work. During the weekend, Yakshi’s Bar turns into the vibrant center of east hotel as Hamburg locals and visitors mingle over a drink or two.

Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 31 (St. Pauli)
Tel.: 040 309930

East Bar Hamburg


(CIU / edb.)

Nice to see you! The tasteful bar in the middle of Hamburg, located on the Alster Lake, convinces with its maritime flair and a water view. Especially in the months from April to October the large sun terrace is open. In addition, corporate events, stag parties or private cocktail courses can be celebrated or the place can be used as an event location in the heart of the most beautiful city in the world.

Ballindamm 14-15 (Hamburg historic centre)
Tel.: 040 32526060