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At ÆNDRÈ, founder Janine op het Veld not only serves food. She puts a very strong focus on sustainability and healthy eating as a whole. To eat, isn’t just something we do, it is its own language, that makes us able to open doors and to connect one another. Good food has the elements to lay the fundament for a strong, flourishing and healthy society. Janine gathers all the ingredients and food from regional and seasonal cultivation. A couple of specialties like spices, coco’s, nuts, seeds, coffee and cacaocome  from distant cultures but these are all fair trade und have been delivered to ÆNDRÈ in a sustainable way. The origin of the products is mostly organic and have always been selected based on quality and a connection. Behind every recipe there is a story and a thought. And that is something you will notice with everything you touch, taste and see at ÆNDRÈ. The ÆNDRÈ team is there on a daily basis from 8 till 8 to serve the best breakfast, lunch, dinner, great organic natural wines and the best biodynamic coffee. Reach out to Janine herself if you are interested in catering as well. 

Lehmweg 31a (Hoheluft)


(© Hobenköök)

The heartbeat of regional and seasonal food is stronger than anywhere else at the "Hobenköök" (engl. harbour kitchen). Products served are delivered by local suppliers, small farms, dairies, butchers and fisheries. Be it a traditional breakfast, lunch or dinner, guests are always welcome to be served the "Höbenköökstyle". 

Stockmeyerstraße 43 (Oberhafen)



(© WolfsJunge)

"Land& Handmade” that’s the mantra the restaurant "Wolfsjunge" (eng. wild child) follows with passion. For the owner Sebastian, regional and sustainable cuisine is his top priority. The down-to-earth cooking, be it handmade boar sausage with homemade bread or one of the various vegetarian options, can be enjoyed at lunch time. Seasonal, fixed menus are served for dinner, changing on a regular basis.

Zimmerstraße 30 (Barmbek Süd)

The Opposti

(© WolfsJunge)

A concept of contrasts: Italian hospitality, warmth, wines and simple but refined dishes meet urban understatement, fast food, drinks and New York's inexhaustible ability to create trends. The Opposti celebrates the contrasts, gives each (food) culture its own space and yet brings both together.

Bahrenfelder Straße 67, Ottensen



Born and bred in Hamburg, the Underdocks’ owners Burhan Schawich and Samet Kaplan have done no less than reinvent the good old fish stall: with their Underdocks takeaway in St Pauli, they have catapulted the Hamburg fish stall into the age of #foodporn. Combining innovation and tradition, Burhan and Samet have given the Hamburg fish roll a brand new twist. The Underdocks’ maritime fast food menu also includes fish & chips, pulled salmon roll, and ceviche – created with great care, and served with style.

Neuer Kamp 13, (St Pauli)



(innerluck © innerluck)

With tasty breakfast choices all day long, both hearty and light lunch options, healthy smoothies and a great range of cakes for your afternoon coffee, the Innerluck café leaves nothing to be desired. If you are a vegan and love to brunch, make sure to check out the Innerluck’s monthly “all you can eat” brunch event. In addition, the menu also includes delicious burgers as well as a number of mouth-watering veggie and vegan dishes.

Hagenbeckstraße 124A, (Eimsbüttel)

Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie

(Arne Vollstedt © Stoertebeker Elbphilharmonie)

Opened in November 2016, the Störtebeker restaurant is situated onsite the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg’s impressive new landmark. Stretching across three different levels, the Störtebeker invites you to explore culinary delights with a Nordic twist, ranging from salmon and roast beef to traditional desserts such as Rote Grütze (red berries compote). With selected craft beers on the drinks menu and an excellent view of the HafenCity, the Störtebeker offers a unique dinner experience in the maritime heart of Hamburg.

Platz der Deutschen Einheit 3, (HafenCity)

Sando & Ichi

(Sando & Ichi Ambiente © Sando & Ichi)

Located on the Lange Reihe, Sando & Ichi offers straightforward Japanese soul food. With their fresh rice sandwiches, owners Jamin and Juuga have brought authentic Japanese street food to Hamburg. These “sandoichis” are roughly the same size as a burger and are halved before they are eaten. Lettuce is the only raw food component here; fillings such as chicken or salmon are fried or steamed and are served with a mouth-watering sauce – which goes to show that Japanese cuisine is by no means limited to sushi.

Lange Reihe 27 (St. Georg)


(Takumi © Takumi)

Promoting original Japanese food culture in Hamburg is the mission of Kiyo Kanemaki, managing director of the Takumi Hamburg. Born and bred in the district of Ottensen, Kiyo Kanemaki and chef Taro Fukumoto are now working to accomplish this mission with the Takumi branch on Grosse Rainstrasse. With outlets in a number of European (and German) cities, the Takumi has now entered Hamburg’s culinary scene and is well-worth trying for anyone with a love of Ramen hotpot and other Japanese classics.

Große Rainstraße 20 (Ottensen)

Bootshaus Grill and Bar HafenCity

(Bootshaus Hafencity © Bootshaus Hafencity)

Comprising a restaurant and a bar area, the Bootshaus in the HafenCity district offers a fantastic view of the River Elbe and excellent service. Featuring a classic interior design of quality materials, the Bootshaus provides the ideal setting for unique culinary experiences –all dishes are prepared on a charcoal barbecue. With its excellent choice of cocktails and long drinks, the bar of the Bootshaus leaves nothing to be desired.

Am Kaiserkai 19, (HafenCity)


ROK Rock Our Kitchen


The ROK is known for its tasty range of pizza and salads, which can be enjoyed with wine from the ROK’s extensive cellar. All salads are created on the spot, ensuring a nutritious meal with a healthy twist. Pizzas are available in classic variations but can also be prepared according to the guest’s wishes. With its modern yet rustic interior, the ROK exudes an inspiring mix of creativity and a love of detail.

Lilienstraße 9, (Hamburg-Mitte)


(Zweipunktnull / Facebook)

Elegant interior meets raw industrial charm: the Zweipunktnull in the district of Ottensen lures guests with its cosy inner courtyard and lovely Neapolitan pizza that is baked to perfection in a traditional stone oven from Naples. Vegans and vegetarians will also get their money’s worth here – definitely worth visiting.

Friedensallee 20 (Ottensen)

Momo Ramen

(Momo Ramen © Pascal Kerouche)

Momo Ramen offers seven different varieties of Ramen, the delicious Japanese hotpot, including vegetarian and vegan choices. With its cool interior design – each of the four rooms was created by a different artist – Momo Ramen is ideally suited for a laid-back lunch break to a hip-hop beat. The cellar comprises a bar area, where you can try sake from wooden barrels or one of their innovative cocktail creations. Certainly worth a visit!

Margaretenstraße 58 (Eimsbüttel)

Diggi Smalls

(Mezze © Clemens Kauschke)

Combining oriental street food with fine hip-hop tunes, Diggi Smalls on Grindelallee has made a name for itself with its simple and yet creative roll-ups and delicious home-made dips. Meat is grilled on a lava-stone barbeque, and all of the ingredients used are sourced from regional producers. Diggi Smalls develops its very own recipes, and in the evening hours guests can also choose from a range of mouth-watering mezze.

Grindelallee 148 (Eimsbüttel)

Salt & Silver-Zentrale

(Salt & Silver-Zentrale / Salt & Silver)

As well as providing an excellent choice of Latin American specialities, the Salt & Silver offers an amazing view of the River Elbe. In the open show kitchen of this laid-back venue you can watch the chefs prepare e.g. delicious tacos or the popular dish Ceviche, while the staff of the cocktail bar are busy mixing drinks such as refreshing pisco sours and fiery mezcals.

Hafenstrasse 140 (St Pauli)


(Hæbel / Sebastian Fuchs)

The restaurant Haebel, which owes its name to founder Fabio Haebel, serves sophisticated dishes with a strong focus on regional cuisine. Mussels, oysters and other fresh seafood delight the palate just as much as the hearty Cordon bleu. And don’t be intimidated by the fancy design: the atmosphere is really casual here – but see for yourself!

Paul-Roosen-Strasse 31 (St Pauli)

Tel: +49 (0)151 72423046


(bianc / Matteo Ferrantino)

„Southern flavours in Hamburg“ – top chef Matteo Ferrantino prepares innovative Mediterranean gourmet creations in his restaurant bianc located in the HafenCity. Each menu is a modern interpretation with the best products from the country, from the sea and from the current season.

Am Sandtorkai 50 (HafenCity)
Tel: +49 (0)40 18119797

Altes Mädchen

(Altes Mädchen / Facebook)

Old brewery with delicious beer and a quaintly atmosphere. In this restaurant you get more than 60 kinds of craft beer. Some of the beer is brewed directly next to the restaurant in their own new brewery, where you can get guided tours about the production of beer and hop into the large craftbeer store after meals to shop a gift or take away bottle.


Lagerstraße 28b (Schanzenviertel)
Tel: +49 (0) 40 80 00 77 75 0


(Haco © Haco)

With its choice of Scandinavian, Islandic and Baltic dishes, Haco is all about Northern European fare. Guests can enjoy fresh fish from the North and Baltic Seas and the North Atlantic, vegetables from the nearby Altes Land region and meat from local farmers in the environs of Hamburg. The drinks menu has a focus on regional products too, with beverages from (Northern) Germany and wine that is mainly sourced from European vineyards.

Clemens-Schultz-Straße 18 (St. Pauli)

Tel: +49 (0) 40 74 20 39 39

Bistro Carmagnole

(Bistro Carmagnole / Facebook)

French Bistro in the hip area Sternschanze with German and French speaking staff. Variety of French food including among others Moules Frites, Steak Tartare and Boeuf Bourguignon. The gimmick is a cocktail cupboard where guests can buy the cocktail of the month in their own name-tag bottle to invite their friends which is a service liked by some of the local art scene people.

Juliusstraße 18 (Schanzenviertel)

Tel: +49  (0) 40 40 18 61 15


(Bullerei / ibid.)

The “Bullerei” is a very trendy and fashionable restaurant in Hamburg, especially known because of the famous German cook Tim Mälzer. The restaurant is known far across the border of Hamburg and even Germany for its exclusive meals and the neat flair.

Lagerstr. 34b (Schanzenviertel)
Tel: +49 (0) 40 33442110


(Oberhafenkantine / Facebook)

Oberhafenkantine might be the most crooked restaurant in the world. The tiny house is tucked away under the train rail bridge connecting the Oberhafenquartier, Hamburg’s rough warehouse area turned into creative spaces and the Deichtorhallen, the best exhibition space for contemporary art in Hamburg. It’s a great place to taste some typical Hamburgian Harbour Workers Food. The mixed Abendbrot Platter is great because you get to taste a lot of local dishes in small portions.

Stockmeyerstraße 41 (Hafencity)
Tel: +49 40 32 80 99 84


(Witwenball / Facebook)

The name “Witwenball” (Widow’s Ball) reminds us of the original dancing locale which was founded in the 1920s and existed in this space until the 1980s. Today Witwenball focuses on wine with more than 30 open wines on rotation and 250 bottles also up for take away sale. The food is centred around fresh regional ingredients and the Schnitzel on Sunday only is excellent.

Weidenallee 20 (Eimsbüttel)
Tel: +49 40 53 63 00 85


(Vienna / Yelp)

Tiny restaurant with awesomely prepared European food in a quiet side street of Schanzenviertel/Eimsbüttel. Changing card. A 3-Course-Menue is only 25 Euros, but no Reservation. The restaurant is filled up at 6.30 pm or try coming at 8.30 pm.

Fettstraße 2 (Eimsbüttel)

Tel: +49 40 439 91 82