Welcome to Hamburg

Welcome to Hamburg

Welcome to Hamburg: the new international Hamburg portal at www.hamburg.com serves as a one-stop information centre for international guests and businesses as well as foreign residents. Drawing on English-language content from the city’s existing online platforms, the portal provides hands-on information for various user groups. The website’s modern flat design and clean navigation ensure excellent usability, while the background pictures depict characteristic Hamburg scenery that varies according to the time of the day and year.

Initiated by the Hamburg Ministry for Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation, the Hamburg portal has been designed and implemented by Hamburg Marketing GmbH in collaboration with the private company hamburg.de. A basic version of the website was launched in spring 2016, and officially online since january 2017. The city’s current English-language platforms will be maintained and will remain independent.



Johannes Everke

Director Cross-sectoral Marketing

Tel: +49 40 41 11 10 - 616

E-Mail: johannes.everke@marketing.hamburg.de