Hamburg's Galleries

The diversity of the city is also reflected in its art scene: In addition to the established art landscape a diverse gallery scene has established itself in Hamburg. Art lovers will find more than 60 galleries spread over the city. The highest density of showrooms may be found on Fleetinsel and Kontorhausviertel. But gallery owners also run gallery spaces for visual art, photography and less established art forms and temporary presentations in other parts of the city.

Galleries on Fleetinsel

(Mathias Güntner / ibid.)

Various galleries have their premises on Fleetinsel, near Stadthausbrücke and metro station Rödingsmarkt. In two former office buildings gallery owners like Dörrie Priess, Karin Günther, Katharina Bittel, Sfeir-Semler and the Galerie Becker, the Produzentengalerie, Mathias Güntner and the Gallery of Landscape Art are showing exhibitions. Next door, Multiple Box sells limited-edition art and in Offspace at Westwerk there is an experimental program.

Admiralitätstrasse 71/74/76 (Neustadt)

Affenfaust Gallery

(Affenfaust / ibid.)

Since 2012 the Affenfaust Galerie is reckoned Hamburg’s gallery for urban art and new contemporary art. In cooperation with local and international artists the gallery shows exhibitions of different directions of urban art. Next to their own gallery rooms, also public spaces and abandoned industrial buildings are used as exhibition spaces.

Paul-Roosen-Straße 43 (St. Pauli)
Tel: +49 40 84 89 88 58

Feinkunst Krüger

(Feinkunst Krüger / Martin Kircher)

Feinkunst Krüger opened in 1998 and since then the gallery showed more than 80 exhibitions. Feinkunst Krüger has also initiated a number of exhibitions and projects in other rooms throughout Germany. The gallery aims to promote mainly younger artists. Many of them had their first solo exhibition here and were able to successfully establish itself later in the art market.

Kohlhöfen 8 (Neustadt)
Tel: +49 40 21 79 21 58


(Heliumcowboy / ibid.)

Since the beginning, the motto and ethos of the gallery derives from an old 70s song: "A cowboy's work is never done". This in mind, Heliumcowboy quickly expanded the gallery’s reach by showcasing artists from around the globe, organizing exhibitions abroad and in unusual places and taking part in acclaimed art fairs in New York, Miami or Basel. One of these unusual places is a small space in Hamburg St. Pauli. Founded in 2002 by Jörg Heikhaus, heliumcowboy supports emerging artists with the ability to blow away boundaries and establish the future aesthetics of art.

Bäckerbreitergang 75 (Neustadt)
Tel: +49 40 48 40 88 60

Dorothea Schlüter

(Dorothea Schlüter / Fred Dott)

The gallery Dorothea Schlüter was founded in 2010 and derives from the art project and off-space “Trottoir” in St. Pauli. Today, the gallery is located in Große Bäckerstraße where art fans can find books published by friends of the owners and accessories besides changing exhibitions.

Große Bäckerstraße 4 (Neustadt)
Tel: +49 40 31 97 37 63

My New Island

(My New Island / Facebook)

My New Island behind Deichtorhallen is not only a gallery with experimental exhibitions, but also a studio, a discotheque and the office of the Hamburg creative studio Here We Go. Hipsters and art fans can also book the rooms of My New Island for private parties.

Banksstraße 2a am Oberhafen (Hammerbrook)
Tel: +49 178 81 08 909

Galleries in the Kontorhausviertel

(Kontorhausviertel / ibid.)

In Kontorhausviertel, young and established gallery owners have settled in recent years  and established a new network for art and culture. In eleven different galleries art lovers find numerous works by photographers and artists. In addition visitors shall take a look at the impressive architecture in the quarter. The galleries are: Borchardt Gallery in "Hopfensack", Carolyn Heinz Gallery, Conradi Gallery in Admiralitätsstraße, Hengevoss-Dürkop Gallery showing international contemporary art, Kramer Fine Art Gallery, having a common exhibition with other galleries in June, Melike Bilir Gallery, PopArtPirat Gallery by Evelyn Drewes, Mikiko Sato Gallery and Kai Erdmann Gallery, both at Klosterwall; and Robert Morat Gallery.

Gängeviertel / Speckstraße Gallery

(Gängeviertel / ibid.)

Group exhibitions every two or three weeks take place in the Speckstraße 83-87. The building from the late 19th century is located in Hamburg’s Gängeviertel, a formerly squatted historical housing complex hosting many of Hamburg's off art scene. The focus is mainly free art. Art students and freelancers have an experimental space for displaying and curating in this gallery. In the basement there is also a workshop for bike art.

Speckstraße 83-87

Mikado Asiatica Gallery House

(Mikado Asiatica Gallery / ibid.)

Mikado Asiatica Gallery House shows Asian art treasures on four floors, including sculptures, contemporary chinese paintings and photographs, and ancient art from various far eastern countries. The Mikado Asiatica Gallery House also includes one of the largest Buddha collections in Germany.

Mittelweg 111
Tel: +49 40 82 22 72-0


(Metromart / ibid.)

Metromart is a public gallery periodically presenting graffiti artists. All artists have been working for years in the Hamburg metropolitan area. Most of their exhibits are extracts from large-scale works which were formed in public. Opening times do not exist: The Metromart shows the graffiti works in shop windows.

City Skyscrapers near Hamburg Central Station (Altstadt)


(Hinterconti / ibid.)

Artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector united and founded Hinterconti. As a registered association they organize weekly changing exhibitions of international artists and local artists . What counts is not so much the position of the artist but the artistic practice and the production process.

Marktstraße 40a (Karolinenviertel)


(Elektrohaus / ibid.)

The Elektrohaus Hamburg artist studios designate themselves space for temporary art having alternating performances, readings, concerts and parties .

Pulverteich 13 (St. Georg)
Tel: +49 40 53 27 48 90

Chez Linda

(Galerie Linda e.V. / ibid.)

LINDA e.V. is an art and culture club whose members want to make way for temporary actions and presentations of art. The gallery Chez Linda is supporting unestablished artistic and cultural forms. The members of LINDA e.V. originate from different sectors such as photography, drawing, design, organic farming and journalism.

Seilerstraße 36 (St. Pauli)


(Die Schlumper / ibid.)

Schlumper is a community of artists with and without disabilities. In addition to the gallery there is also a Schlumper studio and the Schlumper School of arts. The Hans Kauffmann Foundation and the Association Freunde der Schlumper e.V. founded the gallery where works of artists of the own studio and of deceased Schlumper artists are presented.

Markstraße 131 (Karolinenviertel)
Tel: +49 40 43 09 21 98

Westwerk Gallery

(Westwerk / ibid.)

Westwerk is a gallery. Westwerk is a club. Westwerk is an old building in the centre of Hamburg. Westwerk is a group of artists and creatively minded people who maintain and programme this location as an off-space, an art gallery, a music club, a site for installations, performances, readings and events on the ground floor of an artists’ house located in an old building in the middle of Hamburg’s city centre.

Admiralitätstraße 74 (Neustadt)